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Kentuckians Reading Kentucky  -  September 24, 2016
Annual Arts and Craft Festival- October 1, 2016


Janice Holt Giles was Inducted into the
Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame
The Carnegie Center
Lexington KY

January 23, 2014

We are proud that Janice has been recognized for her writings of enduring stature.
For the writer to have been eligible this year, he/she must be: deceased; published; someone
whose writing is of enduring stature; and someone connected in a
significant way to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
The other finalists were:
Rebecca Caudill; Thomas D Clark; James Baker Hall; Etheridge Knight; Thomas Merton & Jesse Stuart



Annual Membership

   Annual membership dues are $30. 

To become a member or send a gift write to:
The Giles Society
380 Spout Springs Road
Columbia, KY  42728
Restoration of the Giles House and grounds depends on the support of Giles Society friends around the country. 
Please consider membership and/or a gift to help us preserve the work and legacy of Janice Holt Giles and Henry Giles



Arts and Craft Festival
October 1, 2016
9:00 am - 4:00 pm CT

This year we are setting the booth rental fee at $ 10.00.
Local arts and crafts booths.






The Giles Society
380 Spout Springs Road

Columbia, KY 42728


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Giles Society Board Members

  Keysha Tucker, President, Knifley, KY

Gayla Baker, Knifley, KY

Mike Crain, Lexington, KY

Steve Flinchum, Elkhorn, KY

Dickie McKinney, Bowling Green, KY

Lynwood Montell, Bowling Green, KY

Susan Lewis, Lexington, KY


Advisory Board

Linda Waggener, Columbia, KY

In Memoriam:

Barbara Peterson, 2002

Judy Morris, 2003

Evelyn McCloud, 2004

Sharon Greer, 2009 
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    Book List

    Books by Janice Holt Giles


    The Enduring Hills, 1950
    Miss Willie, 1951
    Tara’s Healing, 1951
    The Kentuckians, 1953
    The Plum Thicket, 1954
    Hill Man (writing as John Garth), 1954, (re-issued under Giles's name, Spring 2000)
    Hannah Fowler, 1956
    The Believers, 1957
    Land Beyond the Mountains, 1958
    Johnny Osage, 1960
    Savanna, 1961
    Voyage to Santa Fe, 1962
    Run Me a River, 1964
    The Great Adventure, 1966
    Shady Grove, 1967
    Six-Horse Hitch, 1968
    Act of Contrition (written in the 1950s, but unpublished until 2001)

    Collection of Fiction and Nonfiction:
      Wellspring, 1975
    40 Acres and No Mule, 1952
    The Damned Engineers, 1970
    The Kinta Years, 1973
    Books by Janice Holt Giles and Henry Giles


    Harbin’s Ridge, 1951

    A Little Better Than Plumb, 1963
    The GI Journal of Sergeant Giles, 1965
    Around Our House, 1971


    The following titles have been re-issued by:
    University Press of Kentucky
    663 South Limestone Street
    Lexington, KY 40508-4008
    The Believers
    The Enduring Hills
    40 Acres and No Mule
    Hannah Fowler
    The Kentuckians
    The Land Beyond the Mountains
    Miss Willie
    The Plum Thicket
    Shady Grove
    Act of Contrition
    Hill Man


    The Giles Society has published the papers from the 1991 Symposium of Giles' work held at (then) Campbellsville College.
    The book is now available and you can order it by sending your name and address plus $11 to:
    Giles Society, 380 Spout Springs Road, Columbia, KY 42728.
    Two books may be purchased from the Corps of Engineers (see below)
    Corps of Engineers Information
    This is the information for ordering Giles books from the Corps of Engineers.
    As of 2004, both THE DAMNED ENGINEERS and THE GI JOURNAL OF SERGEANT GILES were available gratis on request.
    This could change at any time. To find out if these books are still available, write to:
      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
      Publication Depot
      2803 52nd Ave.
      Hyattsville, MD 20781-1102

      Ask for:
      The Damned Engineeers, #EP 870-1-23
      The GI Journal of Sergeant Giles, #EP 870-1-34


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    Giles House is located on 380 Spout Springs Road, just off Highway 76,
    near Knifley, Adair Co., KY.

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    From Campbellsville: Take Hwy. 70 S. to the intersection of Hwy. 76, turn right; continue through Knifley on 76 until you reach Spout Springs Road (see Giles historical marker), turn left, go .01 mile.
    From Columbia: Take Hwy. 55 N. to Hwy. 551 (also known as Knifley Road), turn right; continue 6.7 miles until intersection with Hwy. 76 (also known as Elkhorn Road), turn right, continue 4.1 miles
    to Spout Springs Road (see Giles historical marker), turn left, go .01 mile.
    From Russell Springs: Take Hwy. 127 N. about 3 1/2 miles to Hwy. 76, turn left; go 5.9 miles to Hwy. 206, turn right; follow 206 (76 is running with 206 at this point) 2.8 miles to where 206 crosses Hwy. 76 again, turn left on 76; continue 1.6 miles to Spout Springs Road (see Giles historical marker), turn right, go .01 mile.


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    A Kentucky Historical Marker stands at the end of Spout Springs Road.

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    You can read Janice and Henry's story of their log home and how it had to be moved when the Green River Dam was built in two of the books they co-wrote, Around Our House and A Little Better Than Plumb.


    Janice and Henry



    Janice and Henry in the living room at Giles House in the 1960s.  Both were avid readers, as you can tell.   This photo of Janice is from the jacket of Voyage to Santa Fe  

    This is the house where Janice was born in Altus, Arkansas.  It was the home of her grandparents.


    Janice's desk and work area.



    "We mean to leave it an epitaph."  Janice and Henry wrote about their beloved log home.   This building, called Becky House, was  a ham radio station in Henry's day.  It has been renovated and is now used as a caretaker's house.  It recently got landscaping and a new walk.   This pencil sketch of Giles House was done by an Adair County High School student, Damion Popplewell.  It is available for sale by mail or at the gift shop.   This is a photo of the fireplace in Giles House when Janice and Henry lived there.  By the time The Giles Society bought the property, the fireplace had fallen into disrepair. It has since been restored.


    Master quilter Denise Stewart designed and quilted this interpretation of Giles House.  The quilt was raffled off at an Arts and Crafts Fair.   Henry was born and grew up in Adair County, Kentucky.  This rose was handed down through every generation of his family and still blooms at Giles House.


    Arts and Crafts Festival

    This Event Features Artwork, Crafts, Basketmaking, Woodworking, Chairmaking,

    Ceramics, Music, and Lots of Good Food

    It is held annually in the Fall



    Other Events

    Other programs presented on the lawn at Giles House during the summer include

    Car Shows, Writing workshops,  and Kentuckians Reading Kentuckians,

    an all-day reading event to honor the Giles' and all Kentucky writers.

    Crowds gather on the lawn at Giles House

    to listen to speakers

    Kentuckians Reading Kentuckians brings writers from around the area who read from their own work or the work of another Kentucky writer.

    Above, left to right:  Amy Purcell, winner of the first Janice Holt Giles Fiction Contest, reads her winning story;

    Erik Giles, nephew of Henry Giles, shares a laugh with the audience before reading from his new book; and

    Yolantha Harrison-Pace, talks about her books before reading.


    Henrietta Scott gives pottery workshops for children at Giles House in the summertime.
    Miscellaneous Photos



    Members of the Giles Board, 2007 are:  Kneeling, front row, left to right:  Steve Flinchum, Dicky McKinney, and Susan Lewis; Standing, second row, left to right:  Mike Crain, Jan Sparkman, Clara Metzmeier, Gayla Baker, Sally Ann Strickler, Beverly England, Linda Waggener; third row, Lynwood Montell.  Board member Sharon Greer was absent.   Long time Board member Charlie Sparks receives a plaque of appreciation on the occasion of his retirement.  It was presented by President Clara Metzmeier at the December, 2006 meeting.   Lifetime member Margaret Dunn is presented with a plaque from President Metzmeier at the September, 2006, meeting.



    Links to Other Sites of Interest


     Adair County Genealogy
     Columbia/Adair County Site
     Columbia Magazine 
    SE KY Tourism Development Assoc.

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